About Trastikovo

  • Written: February 18, 2020 | Last updated: February 18, 2020 | Author: Colin J.D. Stewart

Trastikovo is a village located in the Burgas region within the Kameno Municipality, southeast Bulgaria. The village is located approximately 24km away from the Burgas city centre and around 30km to the Burgas airport. The people are friendly and the village has a very relaxed and calm atmosphere.

Street view
Kids slide
Park slide

The village is surrounded by beautiful countryside and a road network to all surrounding villages. There are numerous farms around the outskirts of the village and some of the inhabitants keep cows, chickens, sheep and goats on their large plots of land inside the village. There are several bee-keepers also located around the village.

There are more than adequate services in the village, a shop, restaurant, cafe, children's park, post-office, church, community centre, great GSM coverage and several internet service providers with fibre-optic capabilities. The village has a central water supply, which was fully renewed in 2019.

Trastikovo is a great place to live if you enjoy life outside of the main city, it allows conditions for complete relaxation, little to no noise though the day and very little light pollution at night. Because of it's relatively close distance to the city, it is also ideal for travelling through the day to the city and returning for a quiet evening.

St. Dimitar Church
St. Dimitar Church

If you like long walks, hiking or want a day out, the village has plenty of beautiful countryside, a river that goes through the village and hills leading up to a forest which provides for some fantastic sites to walk, relax or take photos of wildlife and at the right time of year collect mushrooms.

Town hall
Town hall

Rusokastro fortress is around a 8km drive and boasts euphoric views from the peak of the site. The fortress and area is currently undergoing development to provide tourist services financed by the European Union. Around 10m drive to the entrance of Debelt on the main road you will find a Museum and the Roman city of Deultum archaeological site.

There is plenty of nature around and inside the village, at night you can hear the jackals and may come across foxes, owls and other animals such as hedgehogs. Through the day there are lots of birds in and out of your garden if you provide them with good conditions and in the summer the village is filled with storks at almost every corner.

If you would like to know about the History of Trastikovo you can view the History page and have a look at the Historic timeline.